Everyone longs for connection

Within families and relationships, there is often a need to better connect or understand each other. It is our belief that each individual is capable of taking his or her own direction to work on this. We offer insight, reflection and personal attention to start and guide that process. Experience, safety and trust are crucial here, and that is where our role lies.

A rooted tree with many branches

The “undercurrent” is the keyword in our guidance around emotional and business connections within families and relationships. The roots of trees are also deeply connected, forming a complex invisible network underground.

The undercurrent presents itself implicitly, in the form of emotions, feelings, behavior, and a desire to say something. Think of resistance, unspoken expectations, and intense conflicts, for example. Deciphering this message brings insight, clarity, and, above all, relief. Once it is clear what is at play, you know what you need to do. Top Family Care specializes in guiding these types of processes.

“We found the courage to share sad things we had tried to live over”

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Family Business

Born within the family. Often with a corresponding intention or goal. The balance between differences in ambition and emotion deserves special attention.

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Wealthy families

Joint wealth. For now and in the future. Source of continuity, but also of care and diverse interests.

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Family Relationships

Good personal relationships are the foundation of our human existence and our health. Top Family Care is there for relationships in every stage of life.

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Concern for a family member who is currently experiencing setbacks in their personal life. Or are you going through a difficult period yourself? We have a network of coaches and therapists without a waiting list.

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Ranging from coaches, psychologists, organizational consultants, mediators and lawyers. Depending on the case, one or more disciplines can be employed. We understand both the interpersonal and business contexts and dynamics within family businesses and wealthy families, as well as the challenges that individuals or couples may face.

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