Family Relations

Top Family Care is there for family and love relationships in every stage of life. A good relationship with the people we care about is the foundation of our human existence and our health.

We have affinity and years of experience in guiding (wealthy) families and relationships in the private sphere. By creating a safe environment, open and honest conversations are established. In an atmosphere of trust, we hold up the mirror. We help identify the sticking points and together we search for the questions that are not so easily asked of each other. Questions that are essential to reconnect and pave the way for appropriate solutions.

Our team of experienced coaches specializes in unraveling the underlying (disturbed) dynamics to arrive at new connections and strengthen the family or love bond.

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Ranging from coaches, psychologists, organizational consultants, mediators and lawyers. Depending on the case, one or more disciplines can be employed. We understand both the interpersonal and business contexts and dynamics within family businesses and wealthy families, as well as the challenges that individuals or couples may face.

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