Family Business

Family businesses always have a unique character. The relationship between family members partially determines the dynamics within the company. Working with family members can be satisfying, but sometimes leads to a feeling of being ‘locked in’ when there are differences in views or ambitions.

A (potential) business conflict within the family can also be influenced by emotions that may have arisen much earlier. The family members involved, in their roles as head of the family, shareholder, director or supervisor, may be affected by the complexity within the family.

These are situations in which we prevent or resolve conflicts through careful guidance, taking both the business and interpersonal context into account.

We also act as a sounding board for a family member who wants to test their thoughts. Depending on the situation, we engage the various professionals from Top Family Care. All in complete confidentiality.


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Ranging from coaches, psychologists, organizational consultants, mediators and lawyers. Depending on the case, one or more disciplines can be employed. We understand both the interpersonal and business contexts and dynamics within family businesses and wealthy families, as well as the challenges that individuals or couples may face.

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