Wealthy families

Families with assets and/or property have shared additional concerns. The accumulated assets must be carefully managed. The search for balance between preservation and growth of capital, and acceptable risk. The desire to find a common denominator for management. We carefully guide the maintenance of an ongoing family pillar and the issues that arise in the process to an appropriate outcome.

Wealthy families also harbor different people. Different partial interests, societal views, and life partners. Knowledge – or the lack thereof – of wealth management and all that it entails. Publicity or silence. Everyone has their point. That can create ripples.

These are also situations in which we can provide support with various ways of guiding the process to prevent or resolve conflicts. Or to be a sounding board for those who want to have their thoughts tested outside the family circle. All in complete confidentiality and working with the different disciplines of our professionals.

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Ranging from coaches, psychologists, organizational consultants, mediators and lawyers. Depending on the case, one or more disciplines can be employed. We understand both the interpersonal and business contexts and dynamics within family businesses and wealthy families, as well as the challenges that individuals or couples may face.

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