'How do you relate to the invisible contract within the family conscience?'

Zita Hietink

Psychologist & Coach
Zita Hietink

Zita is a psychologist and coach focused on movement, autonomy, and engaging in honest and challenging conversations.

Her 30 years of experience in advising and coaching from a contextual framework allow her to easily switch roles as a coach, psychologist, sparring partner, and intuitive person with life experience. When things get complicated between family members, Zita likes to unravel the underlying dynamics from a systemic perspective to create clarity.

Through her life, she has come to know her courageous and autonomous side, where recognizing vulnerability has been an enriching process. She reflects this in her work, where she sees the interplay between humor and seriousness as a playful and enlightening tool. She confronts, connects, and instills confidence.

About Zita

Zita aims to encourage people to act from their own strength and autonomy, make choices, and experience their own leadership. People feel empowered by her. Her professional experience enables her to have a good understanding of underlying beliefs that hinder growth. Clients find in her a coach who understands the world of reason and knows how to connect it with the desires of the heart.

She is an active listener, creates calmness, sometimes rocks the boat fiercely, and does not shy away from asking powerful questions to help clients move forward. Zita is at her best when her clients are willing to engage in self-reflection and have the desire to truly look at themselves.