' To feel is to know'

Tijn Vuijk

Psychologist & Coach
Tijn Vuijk

Tijn Vuijk is een therapist en coach. She graduated as a clinical and cognitive neuropsychologist, but began her career as a multiple international champion freeride skier. From there, she discovered how breathing techniques can offer a similar experience to mountaineering. Tijn further developed the unique combination of (breath) coaching and psychology by delving into systemic coaching, connected breathing and nonviolent communication.

From a young age, Tijn learned about the connection between body and mind through her mother’s body-oriented therapy practice. Tijn has a diverse range of methods, techniques, exercises and knowledge. In combination with a strongly intuition-based approach, she focuses on bringing out the essence in every context.

Tijn works with individuals, couples, and families. She enjoys adapting each process to the needs and goals of each individual client or family member. It starts with an honest acknowledgment of the experiences and emotions of each participant present. Then, attention can be directed towards resolving blockages between participants, between body and mind, and between the components of the individual psyche. With her specialization in the psychology of connection, Tijn’s ultimate goal is to help you and your relationships rediscover transformation, motivation, and inspiration.

About Tijn

Tijn’s mother is a body-oriented therapist, which allowed Tijn to learn early on about the connection between body and mind. Since 2017, she has been working in the field of systemic coaching and breathwork, working with adults, children, and couples. Her intuition and feelings play a significant role in this work.