'Where two elephants fight the grass suffers'

Marc Pennartz

Partner & Coach
Marc Pennartz

Can a doctor be an entrepreneur? Marc’s career path proves it. After completing his medical studies, he worked as a medical assistant at the Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Hospital and as a medical advisor at EuroCross International Alarm Center from 1988 to 1991. In 1991, he became Director of Medisch Consult and established the first privatized occupational health service in the Netherlands.

In 2000, Marc specialized in occupational health and became a company doctor. He took over Top Executive Care from a colleague and has been active as a (team) coach for executives in the business world since 2009, as Managing Partner.

Marc has become an ‘doctor for vitality’. He remains fascinated and curious about people and their behavior in relation to health. His motto is “new insights always lead to personal growth and development.”

About Marc

Marc is fascinated by the complexity that takes place within families. As a physician and with his years of coaching experience, he enjoys working on solutions when the interaction is destructive or even detrimental to health. With his personal, honest, and goal-oriented approach, he clarifies the problem and the question and removes the thorn where necessary. The true intentions come to the surface; mutual understanding, respect, and trust are restored. Health is promoted. Solutions are realized from a healthy and realistic ‘we-as-a-family’ perspective, which have a lasting character due to his careful aftercare.