'I enhance the talents of my clients that they have not effectively utilized so far'

Harry Vink

System Therapist & Coach
Harry Vink

Harry has been working as a coach for senior managers, executives, and young talents in various profit and non-profit organizations, both on an individual and team level, since 1999. As a management consultant, he advises on conflict management, personal assessments, and change management. In addition, Harry provides management training and supervises coaches within various organizations.

As a psychiatrist, he has highly developed diagnostic skills. This allows him to quickly assess people and situations and provide feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.

With his training as a systemic therapist, Harry has a lot of experience with systemic work, both in private situations and within organizations.

About Harry

Harry helps people as a coach to use their talents and find new challenges so that they experience more joy in their work environment.

In his training and (team) coaching programs, Harry pays extra attention to involving the environment in the analysis. This is important because the organizational structure and culture are crucial in the actions of people and teams. In his programs and trajectories, he teaches participants to (continuously) switch perspectives on what they want and try to achieve versus what is feasible given the internal and external factors. By showing how people can change their perspective, they can function better in various circumstances.

Harry is appreciated for his analytical ability, diagnostic insight, and ‘out of the box’ thinking. In addition, clients experience Harry as empathetic and warm.