'Challenge yourself to see a different perspective and watch your life change'

Jeanine Souren

Psychologist & Coach
Jeanine Souren

Jeanine is a psychologist and coach involved with Top Executive Care. She used her master’s degree in psychology as a starting point to further deepen her knowledge as a psychotherapist, systemic therapist, and sexologist.

She is an ICF-accredited coach and guides people with inner issues and relational stuck patterns. In the early years of her career, she worked and lived as an expat in various countries, coaching other expats. Later, she delved into more complex interpersonal issues and looks at people’s challenges from a systemic perspective. Jeanine works in both English and Dutch and is accredited by the NVRG, NVVS, NIP, Schema Therapy Association, and the Dutch BIG Register.

Jeanine is one of the pioneers in the Netherlands working with legal psychedelics and now also teaches psychedelic therapy. With this approach, she helps people engage in deep conversations with themselves at the deepest level.

About Jeanine

eanine has a lot of energy and confidence and throws herself wholeheartedly into the most complex situations. She has seen and experienced a lot as an expat, partner, mother, and professional. These experiences, along with her knowledge, help unravel stuck patterns and limiting beliefs.

According to Jeanine, it’s about being able to see a new perspective, because it’s there. Enthusiasm, knowledge, and individuality to then really connect from a deepened awareness; when Jeanine is allowed to help people grow, the entire environment grows with them.