'Changing your perspective opens up a new world of possibilities'

Annemarie Snoeck

Annemarie Snoeck

Annemarie is a coach associated with Top Family Care. She coaches individuals and teams from various angles, with leadership, resilience, and interpersonal communication being among her strong points. Annemarie has gained extensive experience and expertise in the field of burnout and stress among professionals and executives, enabling her to effectively help people.

After a 15-year career in marketing communications, primarily as an independent consultant for various companies, she shifted the focus of her entrepreneurship to professional coaching. Since then, she has been active in coaching programs for professionals in the business world and in various organizations that promote personal development and leadership.

About Annemarie

Characteristic of Annemarie is the reliable, solid foundation in her coaching. She combines depth and lightness, reason and emotion, intuition and physical sensations, depending on what is appropriate or necessary to gain clarity and perspective in a stuck situation.

“The journey of discovery that I embark on together with the coachee always unfolds in a unique way. You never know exactly how it will go, but we always end up with new possibilities and self-generated solutions that truly motivate. The desired results naturally follow. This unique process is incredibly inspiring and drives me to continue learning and developing, which in turn benefits everyone I work with.”

As a coach, she contributes to the process of people “coming home” to themselves, their team, or their organization. This involves rediscovering the feeling of waking up with joy and energy every day to work together towards achieving goals. Annemarie supports individuals in truly facing challenges, achieving desired outcomes, and growing as a person despite – or preferably, thanks to – the dynamics of everyday life.